Our God Never Fails - Brother Joshua Romero

Dear Believers

 I originally had wrote this after I arrived from the hospital and had sent it out so excited because I was so happy to be done with that pain! With all that joy and excitement I forgot to thank those who were my help in time of need, my earthly angles at my side no doubt indeed!!!

He's not finished with me yet - Brother Joshua Romero

Greetings Believers,

I want to take the time to thank you all for your prayers during this trial. It is at someones lowest point when faith is needed and tested. For we must believe: "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." - James 1:3-4

Testimony - Brother Bob Black

When I was around 7 or 8, I wanted to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We stopped on a road in the mountains of North Carolina, and my Dad baptized me and my brother in a cold mountain stream.

Growing up I did not have much fellowship with other believers, but I did see the power of God in action from an early age. My Dad kept a little notebook of the miracles God wrought in our lives, which included everything from putting food on the table when we barely had money to pay the bills, to miraculous healing. One of the greatest effects on my life was hearing my Dad pray. He would pray the kind of prayer that would leave someone listening in no doubt that there was a very real God.

I feel like God was calling me from an early age. I remember one day on the playground in the third grade I had a very profound feeling that someone, somewhere, was watching me to see what choices I would make.

The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever - Brother Dean Gibby

The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb 13:8) Now just to say a few words on when the Lord Jesus saved me and filled me with his Holy Spirit in my soul, you know Brother Branham said on Pg. 37 on Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed that “The new birth is Christ, is a revelation. God has revealed to you this great mystery, and that's the new birth.”

“The new birth is Christ, is a revelation. God has revealed to you this great mystery, and that's the new birth. Now, what are you going to do when you get all that group together, where the revelation is perfectly in harmony, and God expressing it through His Word by the same actions, the same things that He did, making the Word manifest? Oh, if the Church only knew its position. It will one day. Then, the rapture will go when it knows what it is.”

Lift up Thy Voice like a Trumpet - Brother Wade Dale

Llift up Thy Voice like a Trumpet

BroWade 27020Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bride around the world. My name is Brother Wade Dale. I am from Gillsville Georgia . I was saved in December of 1997 at 37 years old, and then a year later I was filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in Kentucky, in an odd time while I was in a motor home studying the word of God. I believe the Lord fell on me then and gave me something real and something true, He opened the Word to me more than ever before. The Lord called me to the ministry on November 7, 1999 while reading Isaiah chapter 58 saying…Isaiah 58:1-2 ”Cry aloud, spare not, Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bride around the world. My name is Brother Wade Dale. I am from Gillsville Georgia . I was saved in December of 1997 at 37 years old, and then a year later I was filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in Kentucky, in an odd time while I was in a motor home studying the word of God. I believe the Lord fell on me then and gave me something real and something true, He opened the Word to me more than ever before. The Lord called me to the ministry on November 7, 1999 while reading Isaiah chapter 58 saying…

Isaiah 58:1-2 ”Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God."

Healing in My Life - Sister Gail Addison

Healing in My Life

SisteGail a33beWhen I started to write about healing in my life and in my family, I thought about my pastor, Samuel Dale. Through his faithfulness and love, and his walk with Christ, he has taught me God’s Word and to believe for it. Saying this, I will share some of the things Christ has done in my life.

Thanking the Lord Jesus Christ for His Word, His promises, and His faithfulness. Let me start by saying, sometimes we think it can never happen to me. But it can. The devil’s strike is fast and if it were not for the Lord’s hand on His children, we would all be dead, or worse. Without the power of the Lord, I don’t know how anyone makes it through this life. Our Granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was about two-and-a-half years old. From the beginning, something within me said “all is well,” but as days went on, some despair set in and all I could do was cry. She was so little and so sick. What her mom, dad, brother, and sister went through was heart-breaking.

All being believers and filled with deep faith, we asked the churches to pray, and we put her picture on the pulpit at our church. Ministers from all over the world, who preached at Lula, sometimes Bro. Reed, Bro. Harris, and Bro. Dale would hold her picture up for all to see and pray for. Bro. Dale prayed and Bro. Gibby held her close to their hearts. She went into remission and was healed. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. Today, she is a beautiful, curly, blonde-headed young lady.

The Grace of Jesus Christ - Brother Chris Griffin

The Grace of Jesus Christ

BroChris ea11bGreetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I guess I can start off by saying that I had many ups and downs from the age of 18 to 27. That would be from the year of 1992 to 2001. Now my testimony is of the grace of Jesus Christ and how He has brought me to His Message of salvation. How during this time I graduated high school in 1992, went to Jr. College in California, and after that I joined the Army.

Now what I thought was freedom happened in September 2001 when I started working at a Mercedes Benz dealership. The job was not far from my home so I walked to work until I got a car. Once I got a car which was an ’87 Cadillac. I was ready to move out with two of my friends. Soon after I moved out, my car kept giving me trouble, and finally broke down. My grandfather helped me get a ’97 Cadillac Deville. Now I thought I really made it, I had a good job, a nice car, and had the privacy that I always wanted. Now notice, for you to know what the Lord did for me, you have to know what kind of person I was. I never went to church except when I was a little boy. Unknown to me, I had a lust devil, a cigarette and marijuana devil, and an alcohol devil on me that I knew nothing about. The tattoos that I have only remind me of being in the world. I listened to nothing but rap music because I wanted to be a rapper. I thought I had everything I needed. In October 2002 is when I can see now how the Lord was trying to get my attention.

Though I Walk - Sister Barbara Ali

Though I Walk

SisBarbra ee5d5“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. “ (Psalm 23:4 KJV).

The curtain over my mind opened just a little, letting in the searing light of reality. The light painfully pierced the darkest corners that were not yet ready to accept it. I was grateful when the curtain closed again. Every one in awhile, over several months, this would happen, each time remaining open a little bit longer. I remembered when I was pregnant that I had false labor weeks before the actual onset. The contractions gradually increased in length and duration, developing a higher and higher tolerance level of pain. I knew that my mind was trying to help me reach acceptance of every parent’s worst fear: the loss of a child. I was allowed 21 years with my first son, Kevin. Many times as I remembered his life, I blamed myself for things I should have said or done differently. No other event pulled me harder or humbled me more than his heath. Those first few weeks after he was gone, I was so numb that I felt nothing—no emotion at all, neither high nor low, neither happy nor sad. I just watched things happening around me. I still had a younger daughter and a younger son at home. My oldest daughter was away at college. I knew I had to focus on helping these three to cope with the loss of their brother. I encouraged us to talk about Kevin—anything that they wanted to talk about, whether memories, or feelings that had to have a name and be looked at directly. I quit my job that summer in order to be at home with them.

A Living Epistle - Brother Jimmy Harris

A Living Epistle

BroHarris d319cShalom, I would like to greet the people and the bride of Jesus Christ around the world. I would like to try, by the help of the Lord, to set forth in order the declaration of things that are surely believed among us as Message believers. We are witnesses and ministers of the Word having a more sure Word of prophecy of these things, that ye might know the certain of these things that the Lord has called us by his grace to this end-time Message of Malachi 4:5, Revelation 10:7, and Luke 17:30. I would like to give a little testimony about myself and of my conversion and ministry that we are involved in at these last days that we are called to. I would also like to talk about the mission work in Jamaica and in India, of how Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8.

My name is Brother Jimmy Harris. I was born in a little country town in Green County Georgia. The background of my family was Baptist and, as a little boy, I joined the Baptist church. I never did learn too much in school, nor participate too much in anything. I was an odd little fellow, real shy and never did understand my life. When I joined this Baptist church, I believe the Lord was trying to call me but I didn’t have anybody to help me. It reminds me of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:27, when he read the scriptures one day on the way back from a revival, he was reading in Isaiah where the sheep was led to the slaughter, he said “How can I understand, except some man should guide me?” He didn’t understand these things that he read so the Lord caught Phillip up over to the place where the eunuch was so he could expound the scriptures to him, telling him that what he was reading was speaking of Jesus, the Christ. The eunuch believed him and was baptized straight away in the water there. That’s why we need a true ministry to led and guide us and Shepard’s to feed the sheep and instructions from the Lord Himself, the Great Shepard.

The Simple things of God - Sister Anna Kinnard

The Simple things of God

SisAnna c950dWhen I first came to Spoken Word Church, I worked a full-time job and a part-time job cleaning offices. One evening I was cleaning a toilet rim and it had a sharp piece sticking out and when I ran my fingers under the rim, it sliced my index finger next to the nail on my right hand. The cut would heal and then break open again. One time Brother Sam was talking about how his hands cracked open and bled. It was then that I told him how my finger would crack open and then heal again. He told me he would pray for mine and I could pray for his hands. It wasn’t long after that that my finger healed and I’ve never had a problem with it since.

Another time, I had a couple of warts, one on the middle finger and one on the palm of my hand close to the thumb base. Sister Harris and I were talking about warts and that Christa, at one time, had warts on her hands and how she prayed and God took the warts away. Then I took it to the Lord about my warts. I prayed and forgot about it. Then one evening, Al and I had Kristen and Jeremiah out with us and we were on our way home. Jeremiah started talking about the warts he had all over his hands and I was going to show him the warts on mine. When I looked, they were gone. Then we asked God to take away Jeremiah’s warts like He did mine. A couple of months later, Jeremiah’s mom told me his warts were gone.

The simple things of God in our lives are so often overlooked and I thank God for all the wonderful things He has done in my life. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the saving and healing power of Calvary!

God Bless you
Sister Anna Kinnard

A Ministry for the Rest Homes - Brother Joe Salas

A Ministry for the Rest Homes

BroJoe 57fbfMy mom was a diabetic and my sister had been taking care of her at home until that was no longer possible. When she couldn’t take care of her anymore the only other option was to put her into a rest home. When we went to California to see her, some holiness people were following Amy around and asking her where she went to church. Her long hair had made them curious so she told them about our church. The congregation of their church had a service at their home church during the mornings and held their afternoon service at the different rest homes for the benefit of the elderly. When the people came to the rest home my mom was in, they had services in the cafeteria. I asked my mom if she wanted to go hear them and she said no. After awhile she said I can’t hear them anymore, so we took her in.

I thought this was a very neat idea and the Lord put it on my heart to start a ministry. I had planned on starting one after returning to Georgia but ended up forgetting all about it. The Lord kept reminding me that I had said I was going to start a ministry at the rest homes. Bro. Branham always said, “If you are going to do something for God, you’d better do it now,” and that always stuck with me. Bro. George Canada was the first person to go with me. I told him that I can’t sing or preach but I can call everyone to go with me. We really have a good time when we go. If you’ve never gone, it is a blessing and will change your life to go at least once. The elderly really seem to appreciate the time that we spend with them because they can’t get out and most of the time no one comes to see them. They always love it when we bring little children and sing. I can’t do it by myself, so I appreciate everyone that goes with me. We are all the Body of Christ. Some of us may be a finger, an arm, a leg, or an eye, but we are all one Body. May the Lord Bless someone by what we say or do.

God Bless you
Brother Joe Salas

Healed From Migraine Headaches - Sister Peggy Gibby

From the time I was in my early teens, I suffered with migraine headaches. These headaches plagued me for approximately 23 years before the Lord freed me from them. I vividly remember the last one and my deliverance. I was at work in Atlanta, Georgia. The headache had become so severe I could not think clearly. During the course of the day, I had taken a large amount of medicine trying to relieve the pain and get through the work day. At about 2:00 p.m. I received a business call and I remember hearing the man’s voice but what he was saying just wasn’t making any sense to me. I could even tell my voice was slurred as I told him I was ill and would have to talk with him later. Right after that I told my supervisor I was going home because of the migraine headache. I had driven myself to work and had to drive home. I lived in Duluth, Georgia, which was about 25 miles away. I hardly remember getting to my car and do not remember any of the drive to my home. When I arrived, I headed for the bed. It seemed these headaches amplified with any movements and noises a 100 fold and the head pain was awful.

My husband, Dean, worked the 3 to 11 shift. He called me as he usually did in the afternoon after my work day. Of course, he could tell right away that I was ill and I told him of the awful headache. He prayed for me and told me to call our Pastor, Brother Samuel Dale, and have him pray for me also. I managed to call Bro. Dale and told him of the headache. He had his wife, Sister Peggy, to get on the phone with us and they prayed for me. While I cannot recall the exact prayer, I do recall Bro. Dale telling me at the end of the prayer, “Sis., the headache is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.” I remember thinking I don’t see how it can get worse. But after I hung the phone up, the headache pain did get worse. Sometime later, I fell into a deep sleep. I think I just finally passed out from the pain, exhaustion and much medicine I had taken. When I awoke, the headache was gone. In the past when I had a headache, I would take some medicine and just go to bed, go to sleep and the next day it would be gone or a lot better. However, this time it was different. I woke up the next day headache free, felt good and went to work. The Lord healed me of migraine headaches and I have not had a migraine headache for over 21 years. PRAISE THE LORD.

God Bless you
Sister Peggy Gibby

The Faithfulness of God - Brother Terrence & Sister Lisa Dale

The Faitherfulness of God

BroTerreance f0cd5Our oldest son, Matthew, was possibly facing rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder. I asked for prayer for him, and Brother Dean Gibby spoke up and said that we two would agree that it would not be a torn rotator cuff, and that it was only inflammation. The doctors removed the inflammation. The recovery time was only one month instead of the six months or longer that it would have been had it been torn. God truly does answer the prayer of faith.

As most of you know, I own a small poultry business. Three years ago I had pretty much made up my mind to sell the business. I went up for prayer and a prayer cloth to get the Lord’s help in directing me what I needed to do. I kept the business open, and within a year’s time, the company made three times the amount that I was going to sell it for. It is still up and running today. With God all things are possible.

God Bless you
Brother Terrence Dale

SisLisa dd8ccWhile Brother Dale was in the Philippines we had a visiting minister, Brother Burly Williams. I had pulled something in my back, so I went up for prayer. The Lord’s healing was manifested in my back by the time I had returned to my seat.

We were expecting our second child after losing a previous baby. I was in my eighth month of pregnancy when my water broke around midnight. It came so suddenly that I didn’t get scared until I got to the hospital. I have heard all my life that an eighth month baby would not make it because the vital organs would not be fully developed.

I began to hear the doctors and nurses say that he was going to be very small. I knew that there were people praying for us, and that Satan could not take our baby. Zackery was born at 8:30 that morning, and he was healthy, weighing six pounds and one ounce. We got to take him home the following day. We were to take him back to the doctor’s office Monday morning for tests that couldn’t be done before we left the hospital.

It seemed that Satan was still trying to take him, though. Back home, the doctor called and said Zackery had yellow jaundice and would have to be put under the lights until his condition improved. Poppy Dale was on a hunting trip when Nanny Dale called him to tell the news. He said that “Zack is going to be fine and I will not come home unless Terrence and Lisa need me.”

God is always on the scene when His children call and is working even before we call on Him. I thank God for all the things He has done in my family. We truly serve an awesome God.!

God Bless you
Sister Lisa Dale

By His Stripes I Am Healed - Jean Kirkland

One Sunday Brother Dale said, “If you have a need for healing of sickness, or for salvation, ask God for what you need and believe you’ve got it.” I couldn’t stop thinking about that on Monday morning. When I got to work, my head started itching and I stopped and prayed. My head kept itching and hurting. I started saying, “By His stripes I am healed,” and “I feel fine,” no matter how bad it hurt.

I went to church Wednesday night. When I got back home, my head hurt worse. I was going to the altar on Sunday to be prayed for whenever other people started going to the altar. I started to get up and two hands on my shoulder pushed me back down into my seat. I looked around to see if anybody saw what happened.

Learning to Trust - Amy Salas Stewart

Learning to Trust

The weekend of November 4th was a weekend thaSisAmy 263c8t God was really dealing with me. It seemed like everything was put into my path to test and try me, and everything was going wrong. Ashleigh, Jeffrey, and I had all decided to drive to Covington, Georgia, for a youth banquet that Brother Daniel Gissendaner’s church was hosting. We all had a lot of other things that we could be doing for schools and elsewhere, but decided to go anyway.

Friday night we were supposed to leave by 5:00 P.M., but Ashleigh’s car battery messed up. Every time she stopped at a traffic light her car would cut off, and this was the car that we were planning to drive on the trip. Finally, around six o’clock we went to pick her up at the Mitsubishi place. We decided to take my Mom’s van instead.

We got on the road about 6:30 and the banquet was supposed to start at 7:30. With the heavy traffic we knew that there was no way that we were going to make it on time. We tried making good time and that’s when things started really happening! First, I missed the exit that we were supposed to get off at because there had been road construction. They totally changed the place where you were supposed to go. So, we got off at the next exit and tried back-tracking, but that didn’t work. We decided, then, to stop at McDonald’s, get something to eat, and get some directions.

God’s Healing Grace in My Life - Sister Annie Ruth Colley

God’s Healing Grace in My Life

SisterColley c929bMy problems began back in 1979. I remember that I was putting some detergent into the dishwasher at school. While I was mixing it up it splashed into my eye. The ladies at school washed my eye out with cold water, but the dietician at school told one of the ladies to take me to the Decatur Hospital. The doctors there washed it out and put drops in it, then told me to go home and rest. I went back to work the next day. I was blessed because the Lord healed my eye.

I think it was in 1979 or 1980 one Saturday that my two sons and I went to buy groceries. Suddenly everyone started running and yelling. My two sons were outside of the car. It had caught on fire. I had already put some of the groceries in the car and two of the bags caught on fire and burned up. The car beside mine caught on fire also, but I thank God that no one was hurt. Someone called the fire department and they came and put out the fire. By God’s grace we were safe.

One day in the 80’s I was driving my father’s car. I was coming from work and I was going over to Snapfinger School to pick up my sister. The car began to smoke. It was going really slow. When I turned onto Snapfinger Road, the car caught on fire, but it did not burn up real bad. The fire truck cam and put it out. I was thankful that it was not serious. By God’s grace He saved me again.

Back in 1980, I went to work one day and I was feeling fine. As the day went on, though, I developed a mild headache. I took some medicine for it. It seemed to have stopped hurting for awhile, but on my home, it got really bad. At that time my husband was working at night so when I got home I went and lay down. My head was hurting so bad by that time that I could not think straight. I could not even pray. When my husband came in later, he asked me what was the matter, and if I wanted to go to the hospital. I said yes.

God, I'm Holding You to Your Word - Brother Ryan Bonnette

I really don’t know where to begin writing a testimony about the miracles God has wrought in my life. The list is so endless. I’m thankful that God has given Brother Joseph Canada and me a burden to gather the people’s testimonies together into a book so that we can all remember the things God has done for us, and give Him the praise for it all. It’s so easy to forget over time some of the wonderful things He’s done.

He has been to me a great help in time of need (Heb. 4:16). In my day to day life, any time I have a need, I just say a simple prayer and God leads me and guides me through the situation. I can’t count all the times I’ve misplaced something (wallet, keys, watch, etc.) and prayed for it to come back and I’d find it again.

I remember being at Brother Byler’s youth camp recently and having to watch Sister Amy Salas get thrown off of a 4-wheeler like a rag doll into a barbed wire fence. Only by the grace of God, she was not severely injured. A few minutes later Brother Joe Salas and I went out to search for the car keys that she had lost as she fell off the 4-wheeler.

It’s funny how we make everything hard on ourselves by trying to do things on our own before we ask God to help us. We began searching for the “needle in a haystack”. The keys had landed in a ditch which was overgrown with weeds. We couldn’t find them. After remembering that I serve the almighty Creator of the universe, I said a silent prayer that the Lord would help us to find the keys. A few seconds later, I picked them up and handed them to Brother Joe.

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